Whitehaven Maritime Festival 1999

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Throughout the festival Whitehaven Harbour was full of many vessels including many visiting for the festival. These included the Phoenix a square sail tall ship featured in many period television and movie roles, including the Santa Maria in "1492" before being converted to a 18th century two masted brig. Also there was 9.5m scale model of the HMS Invincible aircraft carrier which took a journey around the harbour.  Another tall ship was the Ocean Youths Trusts 23 metre steel hulled, gaff rigged ketch, The Greater Manchester Challenge. Numerous other visiting craft from tugs to yachts were complemented by an exhibition at the Beacon of ship models, and a selection of fine marine paintings depicting Whitehaven's former glory as a port. Whitehaven sailing club held a regatta and a lifeboat took people on trips around the harbour. One of the quayside displays was a Navy submarine simulator and small dingy's allowed some kids a first chance to sail.


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