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U.S.S. Ranger encounters H.M. Hussar

Before the attack on Whitehaven John Paul Jones ship Ranger is intercepted by a customs vessel, Hussar from Whitehaven, which it then attacks.

Whitehaven before the attack

A description of Whitehaven harbour, before the attack by John Paul Jones in 1778, when it was one of the greatest seaports in England - mainly due to the huge tonnage of coal shipped to Ireland but also doing trade with America before the war of independence.

USS Ranger before the Whitehaven Raid of 1778

John Paul Jones brought a happy crew from America but months of waiting in France seem to turn them against him as he sank potential prizes and struggled to persuade a mutinous crew to attack an innocent English town.

The Raid on Whitehaven in 1778

John Paul Jones attempts a secret attack on the Port of Whitehaven in the early hours of 23rd April 1778.  Due to the unwillingness of his men, and a bungled attempt, he fails to burn the shipping and town but becomes a notorious pirate to the British.

The Ranger after Whitehaven

John Paul Jones tries to kidnap the Earl of Selkirk then attacks and captures H.M.S. Drake plus the Whitehaven brigantine Patience and escapes to France.

Whitehaven after John Paul Jones

Hussar sets out to follow Ranger. David Freeman is questioned, expresses sent to warn of Jones, the guns put in order and Whitehaven's defences increased.

The List of Subscribers A-F

A list of the people who subscribed to a fund to improve the defences of the Town and Harbour of Whitehaven after the raid of John Paul Jones. The list is arranged alphabetically by surnames.

The List of Subscribers G - P

The List of Subscribers R-Y

The 18th Century defence of Whitehaven

John Paul Jones's stealth attack allowed him to disable about 30 guns at the two existing forts but this prompted a complete re-organisation and improvement of Whitehaven's defences.

Benjamin Franklin

Connection between Franklin and Whitehaven

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