Whitehaven Rum Festival 2000

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Due to the heinous nature of their dastardly crimes it was decided one of the smugglers should be hanged by the neck until dead. The hanging party marched back up the steps to the gallows on the hill.

a smuggler is about to be hanged

A large crowd gathered on the hill to watch as the noose was set and the death sentence proclaimed.

smuggler cursingrope around neck

The condemned man was defiant to the last - cursing his colleague who had turned King's evidence to escape the gibbet. He didn't shout so much once the rope took his weight.

pulling the ropeswinging

As he did not die the first time, cheered on by the crowd, the smuggler was hoisted back up and left to swing until he croaked.

cut down the corpsegrieving loved ones

When the people were satisfied that justice had been done and they had all been thoroughly entertained the corpse was cut down. As grieving loved ones knelt by the body a warning was made to anyone else foolish enough not to pay their taxes.

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