Brackenthwaite is one of the oldest names in Whitehaven being shown on the earliest map. The name obviously derives from before the development of Whitehaven as a town - the word thwaite meaning a clearing - so it simply means an area where the bracken had been removed or didn't grow. Therefore on the 1690 map it is shown as everthing between Duke Street and Bransty. However, by the 19th century it had become a small triangle of houses at the bottom of Wellington Row above George Street and included Thompson's Court. This area has since been demolished to leave a wide open space and widen the road at the junction with Tangier Street to provide an easier entrance to the town from the North.

Ornamental flowerbed in the Brackenthwaite area

The name Brackenthwaite is retained ina care home on the corner of George Street and Senhouse Street.

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