Gale Lane

Gale Lane is another of Whitehaven's old streets that no longer exists. It used to connect Nicholson's Alley with the Market Place. Off Gale Lane was another Lane known as Gale Back Lane. The Gales were a very prominent family in Whitehaven. John Gale came to Whitehaven in about 1665 but curiously occupied the Old Hall off Swingpump Lane rather than this location. However, much of the property in this area belonged to them in the form of warehouses and weaving sheds where they manufactured sailcloth.

wga-gale-arch.jpg (61149 bytes)

Although Gale lane has disappeared it could be described as just well hidden. This small shop appears to have been built into the arch that was the entrance to Gale Lane and behind it the passage still runs along the back of Fare's Chemist and the Vine Pub to Swingpump Lane. Broadening Swingpump Lane and connecting it to Strand Street seems to have removed any trace of Gale Back Lane.

map showing location of Gale Lane in Whitehaven

Other places in Whitehaven connected to the Gale family are the house on Queen Street, two on Duke Street and one on Irish Street. Of course it is through the Gales that Whitehaven has a connection to George Washington - as George Gale was married to  his Grandmother, Mildred Warner Gale, who is buried in the town.

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