Kelsick Lane

Kelsick Lane runs from Greggs Lane to Hicks Lane and lies in between Tangier Street and Senhouse Street. Apart from the back of the old Gaeity Cinema there is now just the external wall of the houses with bricked up windows and the surface of the old cobbled street appearing through the tarmac.

Kelsick Lane in Whitehaven

Kelsick Lane is another of Whitehaven's Streets named after one of the 17th century merchants - in this case Richard Kelsick. Kelsick was a merchant and ship owner who John Lowther encouraged to Whitehaven by granting some land at a very moderate rent. In return he joined John Lowther in a venture to manufacture ropes.

The 1811 map shows that at the end of Kelsick lane there was an entrance to Mr. McBride's Brewery which lay hidden at the back of Tangier Street. This may have been John McBride who was listed as Innkeeper on Queen Street.

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