Sandhills Lane

Sandhills Lane is taken from the fact that dunes from the beach originally existed this far into the town and were used as common land for people to mend fishing nets and dry washing etc. It runs between Scotch Street and Schoolhouse Court but originally went as far as Queen Street were the passage now runs below the Queen Street flats.

Christian Bretheren Church on Sandhills Lane

What is now the Christian Brethren Church on Sandhills Lane was for many years a Quaker meeting house. The Society of Friends as they are also known had a big part to play in Whitehaven's history. William Miller and his brother built houses on High Street and developed the tannery. William's son, John Fletcher Miller, the brilliant meteorologist became a member of the Royal Society. Matthew Piper bequested money to the town in the form of a soup found and also the Marine School on High Street. Catherine Mill was built by another Quaker Joseph Bell.

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