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Carnival Procession

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Welephant sitting on fire engine

Leading the parade as usual was one of Whitehaven's fire engines manned of course by Wellephant who is always popular with the younger children.

Keith Hitchen Whitehaven mayor 2008Britannia

It is tradition that at the front of the parade are the reigning mayor of Copeland and Britannia who this year were Keith Hitchen and Catherine Jennings.

Whitehaven Brass band

Whitehaven brass band provided some tunes to announce the arrival of the procession.

Tall cyclist

A man on a very tall bike put in a lot of mileage as he kept cycling around in circles whenever the procession stopped. The seat was a long way from the saddle so it was just as well that he was blessed with extraordinary long legs.

Stix drummers

The drummers from Stix percussion drum school pounded out a variety of rhythms as they marched around Whitehaven town centre.


Eclipse jazz band

Trad jazz lifted everyone's spirits with some foot stomping Dixieland numbers from the Eclipse Jazz band.

Whitehaven cadets with laser pico boat

The sea cadets paraded their new Laser Pico dingy around the town which was presented to them by the Maritime committee a few weeks ago as thank you for the way they always support events such as this.

Whitehaven Lions carnival collection

One must also thank the lions who help organise the carnival and do a sterling job with the collection buckets.


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