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Cowpers dancers in blue on Irish Street

Cowpers dance school provided these girls to follow the carnival Queen all dressed in traditional ballet tutus in a vivid blue and carrying arches with bright pink rose flowers.

Cowpers jubilee dancers

Some of the older dancers from Cowpers had costumes to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee with white dresses with a red and blue trimming and waving Union flags.

jubilee dancers

Starkey's school of dance had several troupes with different variations on a theme of London. These youngsters had a royal London theme with the red white and blue and boys dressed as guardsmen to celebrate the jubilee.

london bridge crew dancers

Another group called the London Bridge Crew had a modern hip-hop theme with red, white and blue hoodies.

London dancers

The next group had the East End meets the West End world of the musical interpretation of London dancing a lively routine.

Punk dancers on Lowther Street

The final selection from Starkey's was London Calling that reflected on the Vivienne Westwood punk fashion of the late 1970's with tartan,PVC and zips and a dance to the Clash's resonant hit single London Calling.

Popsteps dancers in Wonderland

The Popsteps dancers as always put on a great performance not only with their dance routine but with a great theme and super costumes. This year there was an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Stagestars in the parade

The Stagestars also had great costumes to support their elephant in the parade with a very colourful circus performance.

dance ranch circle on Lowther Street

Another popular dance school that we have seen grow over the years in the carnival was the Dance Ranch who had three groups in the carnival. The youngest girls dressed in different coloured Gingham skirts danced a routine based on traditional line dance and circle dance moves.

Grease dancers in the park

Another group from the Dance Ranch school performed a routine to a selection of numbers from the musical film Grease.

Upbeat charleston from the Dance Ranch

With an energetic up tempo Charleston styled routine was the senior group from the Dance Ranch again keeping up the Jubilee idea by wearing red, white or blue 30's style dresses with a matching feathered head-band.

Moky in the park

Finally in front of the bandstand many of the dancers performed their routines again after first warming up with a mass Moky work-out lead by the Moky group on stage.


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