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Mercedes 190SL

A beautiful Mercedes 190SL from 1961 with a 1900cc engine. The Mercedes Benz club had its own section this year with a collection of cars from 1960 to 1988 but this was an individaul entry from Branthwaite. This model was produced between 1954 and 1963 when over 25000 were built.

MG A series

MG A from Embleton with a 1500 engine built in 1959 which was the last year for this engine when the 1600 was introduced. These had been introduced in 1955 and sold well in America and it was from San Diego that this one was re-imported in 1997 and restored over the following 2 years.

Morris Minor

Morris Minor built in 1969. This was one of 1.6 million of the cars designed by Sir Aalec Issgonis built between 1948 and 1971. This has a 1098cc engine built from 1962 onwards giving it a top speed of  77 mph.

Tornado Typhoon

Tornado cars from Rickmansworth produced these stylish kit cars between 1958 and 1962. Only about 400 were sold. This Tornado Typhoon was built in 1958 with a 1300cc engine. It is now undergoing restoration after being damaged in a fire.

Road Craft Cobra

A Road Craft Cobra built in 1969 with a 3900cc engine. This Whitehaven owned car is a reproduction of the AC cobra and extensively uses original equipment.

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