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Rolls Royce 20

A Rolls-Royce 20 drophead made in 1928 with a 3 litre engine. Originally the radiator shutters had been horizontal but in this year they changed to the now famous vertical design.Also the coachwork was in a variety of styles as it was provided by independant builders - this one looking particulaly stylish with white wheel trim rather than the open spokes. This is still a working car from Longtown.

Sunbeam Mk 3

It is interesting to see this Sunbeam Mk3 with its radiator emulating the Rolls-Royce of nearly 30 years earlier. The Mark III was built between 1954 and and 1957, although Sunbeam who initially built bicycles had been building cars since 1899. This suberbly restored example from Moor Row was built in 1956 the year after this 80hp model had won the Monte Carlo rally.

Alvis lives

The Red Alvis above is a 12/60 built in 1931 with a 1645cc engine. Alvis cars were a sporty chasis with individual coach built bodies produced in the 1920's and early 1930's. Apparently although there were only 282 of this model built 119 survive which seems a very high percentage. This one is from Workington and was restored during the 1980's.

Morgan +8

Of course this Morgan +8 isn't a Vintage car although its first impressions give that appearance and the company certainly has the pedigree. H.F.S. Morgan started to manufacture 3 wheeled sports cars in 1910. Despite a good order book, success in racing and speed records he was unable to get large companies interested and so the Morgan car company has been a family business ever since. This one built in 1978 has covered over 100,000 miles and has a 3.5 litre engine.

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