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The stars of the vintage rally are the old cars that have been either lovingly maintained all their lives and still look like new or cars that have been found as rusty old wrecks, neglected and forgotten, then restored by enthusiasts who spend hours a week for years getting them back to show quality. This grand old Morris Cowley   was built in 1929 but still took part in the London/Sydney/New York endurance trial in 1988 having spent most of its life in Oxford.

Morris Cowley

One of those cars lovingly restored from scrap was this Austin Ruby Saloon built in 1937.

Austin Ruby Saloon

This Model T Ford was built in 1925 - although famed for being one of the first mass produced cars it is now so rare that this is the only one of its kind  in the North of England.

modelt.jpg (12100 bytes)

As well as the old cars there are always people who want something a little out of the ordinary. The commercial and military sections usually have over 50 entrants with all manner or buses, vans, lorries and specialist military machines. Despite being much reduced this year due to the rescheduling there were still some interesting vehicles.

Commercial vehicle section

A well restored example was this Commer Q4 flat back truck operated from new by Lion Ales Whitehaven depot from 1941-1948 and later used for timber haulage.

 Commer Q4 lion ales lorry

Another vehicle that couldn't be missed was this Albion van with its bright red OXO livery.

Albion Oxo van

Below are two Land Rovers: One seems to have everything out of the Land Rover accessories catalogue the other seems to have nothing not even a coat of paint. Currently shiny aluminium its 12 previous owners had it grey, brown, cream and blue.


Of course the Land Rover was one of the most cutomisable vehicles invented with specialist orders available from the factory built around the standard chasis. This included many military vehicles including this ambulance.

Land Rover Ambulance

Amongst  the classic cars around the Hub was this Austin Healey 3000 restored to immaculate condition by a local owner.

Austin Healey 3000

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