Egremont Medieval Festival 2002 - Hunting

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In the medieval period field sports were not just a diverting pastime for the wealthy, they were a means to put meat on the table to keep people alive during the cold winter months. However, there was a definite class structure with which birds of prey could be used to hunt and what animals could be hunted. This falconer had a hard time demonstrating his art when the splendid Eagle Owl he had flew off to the roof of a nearby house as soon as it was brought into the show field. However, this falcon was a little less flighty.

Knight on horseback

This knight on horseback explained the differences between modern day thorough-bred horses and the heavier battle horses of the middle ages. Certainly, as this huge horse galloped with its armoured rider across the field the earth shook and you wouldn't want to be facing a charge from it during battle.

Hunting on horseback

Copeland was once a large deer forest and hunting deer was a pastime for the aristocracy. Here riders spear rubber representations of the game hunted in the past including the hare (shown), the boar and the deer. It must have been a lot more difficult with fast elusive animals in real life.