West Cumbria Vintage Rally 1999

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 Only 7 steam engines were entered but they certainly make an impression - especially if they run over your foot.

  Marshall Steam engine with Ruston Hornsby

This is a Marshall Steam Roller built in 1922 behind which is a Ruston Hornsby SHS built in 1920

 Marshall Steam engine

Another Marshall agricultural steam engine built in 1908 which spent most of its working life in Lincolnshire. Has left hand steering and a feed water pre-heater.

Foster steam wagon

A Foster steam wagon, built 1920 in Lincoln. The only known survivor of its make it spent a working life in Australia before being brought back to England for restoration.

sfault.jpg (36880 bytes)

As well as the heavy steam engines that thunder across the field there were over 70 stationary engines used for pumping water and driving machinery. "Faultless" was made in Waterloo in 1914. (That's Waterloo, Iowa not Belgium)

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West Cumbria Vintage Rally - Steam Engines