West Cumbria Vintage Rally 1999

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 Just as some people spend their idle hours buffing up their vintage Bentley others have extra marital desires satisfied by old tractors - to each his own. In fact the agricultural section always has a great turn-out. This year had over 60 entries in the agricultural tractor section so there were far more David Browns than there were Bentleys.  

David Brown 2D

Speaking of which; this David Brown 2D had a 12hp engine and was built in 1959.

Ford Pattinson

Why are so many tractors red? A Ford Pattinson Model A. built in 1928 - found in a scapyard it took 3 years to restore.

Field Marshalls

A row of Field Marshalls built just after World War II.

ERF flat back lorry

As well as tractors there was a good display from the commercial vehicle sector with well over 30 entries. This is an ERF LKG44 built in 1937 with a 7000cc engine. As with many of these vehicles the spotless livery is a work of art.

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West Cumbria Vintage Rally Tractors