West Cumbria Vintage Rally 1999

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 There were about 100 motor cars representing nearly the entire history of automobile manufacture. A small selection is shown below. 

Sunbeam Silver Dawn

This Sunbeam Silver Dawn was built in 1934 but appeared as though it had just rolled out of the showroom. An interesting feature, that showed its class, was that all the interior leatherwork was stitched with the pattern of a sun with beams of light radiating out. 

Bentley Tourer

This Bentley Tourer was a few years older being built in 1937.  Only owned by 2 families since new it has a 4250cc engine and has only done 60,000 miles.

Wolseley Stellite

A 2-seater Wolseley Stellite  built in 1914 with only a 9hp engine.

Austin 7 Box Saloon

Later in date, being built in 1934 this Austin 7 box saloon with a 750cc engine is still regularly used, all year round.

Austin 7 Boat-Tail

A more sporty version of the above, this open top Austin 7 had a boat tail with red leather finish. It must have really whizzed with its 7 hp engine.

MG TC 1949

A red MG TC built in 1949 and rebuilt 9 years ago.

AC saloon

A totally original 2 litre AC, as built in 1949, with the addition of modern indicators and reversing light to comply with the law.

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