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Tall Ship Endeavour At Whitehaven

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As the crew of HM Bark Endeavour manned the rigging, preparing the sails for the long voyage home, around the world to Australia, many people gathered on the quayside for a final glimpse of this magnificent ship. 

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As she manoeuvred in the harbour most of the crew were on deck to watch the delicate operation of negotiating the lock gates and to see the send off from the many people gathered on Whitehaven's harbourside. As a final salute of thanks the canon was fired.

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Carefully, but with a bit of difficulty the ship was manoeuvred through the sea lock into the outer harbour as hundreds watched. After another pause in the outer harbour to fire the canon again, the Endeavour was soon out between the lighthouses into open water.

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Once into open sea she really shows her true colours looking magnificent as strong waves and gusting winds caused her to rock and sway but never falter. Little wonder Cook said "No sea can hurt her". Eventually, after waiting in a strong cold wind for long enough, Endeavour raised a few sails and slowly faded from view. I couldn't help thinking those on board might have wished they'd stayed a little longer in Whitehaven.

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