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Tall Ship Endeavour At Whitehaven

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A series of events had been arranged for the stay of Endeavour at Whitehaven and these included; an evening on board with entertainment and a meal done in 18th century style, a sponsored rig climb and a couple of firework displays.

Climbing to the top of endeavour's main mastStanding at the top of the mast loking down

The rig climb involved climbing up the rigging on the main mast to the top in order to raise money for charity through sponsorship. The first person to brave the climb was a local policeman who went right up to the top gallant with less sign of nerves than many of those left on the harbourside looking up at him. Having lead the way many others followed.

All assembled in the crows nest

Smiles of relief and achievement

All these fear conquering heroes made it to the fighting tops which was certainly high enough to say they deservedly earned the money they made for charity from sponsorship. Half the money went to the Endeavour and half to local charities including the Maritime festival fund.

Fireworks on the Old Quay light up Endeavour

The sky above Endeavour lit up with star burstsPeople on the quayside dwarfed by the huge fireworks

A special fire work display was produced for Nelson's birthday and to mark the start of the Year of the Sea .


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