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Jet Ski Display Team

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Performing at frequent intervals throughout the weekend were the jet-ski team in Whitehaven's inner harbour.

jet ski display team at Whitehaven festival 2010

The three jet ski riders entered the harbour between the Sugar Tongue and the Lime Tongue as they powered together in a line towards the crowds around the slipway.

Jet -Ski stunt

They managed to complete a series of dramatic stunts often leaping high out of the water and sometimes plunging well beneath it.

Three fountains from the jet ski

Any spectators standing too close might move back a bit at this stage as the three performers show the power of the jets that propel these machines through the water.

Hanging on to the jet ski

The power and weight of the jet ski is difficult to control especially once it leaves the water and needs a tight grip to keep in touch.

Hurtling towards the harbour wall

When you consider how solid the harbour walls are, the speed which the jet ski attains in such a confined space must be quite exhilarating and the skill to control it quite impressive.

Dog watches Jet Ski flip

The dog on board the tall ship Ruth seems fascinated as though it is considering taking up the sport.

Jet ski stunt by C2C sculpture

Even with the stalls closed and most of the public leaving the harbour area there was still time for a few more stunts.

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