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Red Arrows

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Sunday brought another fantastic display at Whitehaven Festival from the world famous Red Arrows aerobatic display team appearing at the festival for a third time after last appearing in 2007.

Red arrows with coloured smoke

They set off from the famous Biggin Hill base at lunch time and stopped at Blackpool for a re-fuel. They then set off for Whitehaven and were thundering over the festival site about fifteen minutes later.

Red rrows above whitehaven pier

Red Arrows in formation

The display consisted of a series of tight formations featuring the 9 Hawk aircraft, interspersed with breathtaking stunts from different groups of the main team. Note in this photograph a large bubble shaped U.F.O. in the distance [or just a bubble nearer- Ed.]

Red Arrows approaching

When approaching the planes are almost invisible apart from the nose lights until the last few seconds and then in no time at all they are overhead then out of sight ...

two Red Arrows cross

... which makes these high speed low level head on passes all the more remarkable as the pilots have fractions of  second to ensure their alignment avoids a head on collision.

T formation of Red Arrows

This amazing T- formation featuring the entire team was held through a series of bends.

Red Arrows close encounters

The speed and noise of the aircraft during these dramatic manoeuvres is one thing that sets them apart from the other aerobatic planes seen at the festival...

Red Arrows in phoenix shape

... the other is the sheer precision of the formations such as this one known as the phoenix.

5 red arrows approaching with twist

Red arrows close formation

close formation climbing red arrows

Final downward break from Red Arrows

The final move was a dramatic break into a fan from a plunging descent.

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