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Everyone knows the E-type Jaguar is a classic - it always was the car to own with its high performance engine and sexy curves. This is a very clean example in black and chrome with a soft top. The Lancia Fulvia originally built in 1972 was rebuilt 4 years ago also has its own distinctive style though not quite the performance of the Jag.

E-type jaguar black with chrome trim

Blue Lancia Fulvia

What is more interesting is how cars that were originally very common and looked dated within ten years of being built have now become classics. It helps if they have been restored and kept in pristine condition like this Austin A40 Somerset whose sparkling chrome and sweeping curves, to the modern eye, make it almost look like a small Rolls-Royce. This was restored 8 years ago but was originally built in 1954. The two- tone Riley 1500 was built in 1965, 11 years later, but still has many of the same styling features. With a full service history from new, this vehicle has only done 52,500 miles - eqiuvalent to about 6 years of modern milage. 

black Austin A40 SomersetGreen/blue Riley 1500

Built only a year later, in 1965, was this Hillman Minx, again restored about 8 years ago. Obviously, the style of this is much more modern with square and angled bodywork and the straight horizontal radiator grill. However, what is gained in modernity seems to be lost in class.

All these cars are quite common when compared to the 2.5l Lea Francis 2 seater sports from 1950 which was already exploiting the retro look later used by the Morgans.

Hillman Minx in White with Red TrimLea Francis 2 seaeter sports

Not all cars on show were old as demonstrated by these two cars from opposite ends of the spectrum in the Mercedes club enclosure. A modern two seater sports that could obviously kill the Lea Francis for performance and the bubble-car-like Smart car.

Red MercedesMercedes Smart car

The Mercedes club was only one of several including the Triumph Sporting 6 club, Border City Mini club and the Morgan Sports Car Club.

Mercedes SL