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Jet Ski Display Team

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Performing at frequent intervals throughout the weekend were the jet-ski team of Ant Burgess and Dan Rowan in Whitehaven's inner harbour.

Jet-Ski stunt with amazed crowd

The harbour between the Sugar Tongue and the Lime Tongue forms a perfect arena for these performances with the piers forming a natural viewing gallery on 3 sides.

Jet Ski leaps into the air in front of tall ships

The backdrop of the tall ships moored against the Sugar Tongue also forms an interesting juxtaposition with the 2 space age craft flying around.

Jet ski stunt in the Whitehaven harbour

The height obtained during many of the stunts as the jet-skis leapt from the water was quite incredible.

jetski somersault jetski and C2C scultpure

jetski takes off like rocket hanging on to point of jetski hull

underneath rotating jetski Handstand on point of jetski

Jetski performs in front of wave feature

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