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Night Shows

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Although the Saturday night fireworks were cancelled due to high winds that would have made the event unsafe there was still a good display on the Friday night

Fariground ride

The night brought many colourful scenes to the harbour with the big concerts on the main stage providing the music, the continental market providing the food and Fletcher's fairground attractions providing the excitement.

Red firework burst

As normal the fireworks on Friday night were set off on the 17th century Old Quay.

Fireworks at Whitehaven

This is a fantastic location as the sound echos around the harbour basin, the colors reflect on the water and there are plenty of vantage points, so that everyone gets a good view.

Festival Fireworks at Whitehaven

Many people gathered on Bransty or the loop road but closer to the action the thunderous cracks of the explosions provide much more excitement.

Tall Ships at night in Whitehaven harbour

And when it was all over the serene calm of the water seemed magnified as the tall ships slept for the night.

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