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Commercial and Military Vehicles

Lion Ales Commer truck

This Commer Superpoise Q4 built in 1941 is a regular to the West Cumbria Vintage Rally. It is 4/5 tonner which delivered to the Matthew Brown pubs in the area from a depot in Howgill Street, Whitehaven until 1948. After that it was worked to death doing farm work and hauling logs to a saw mill until being left to decay in a barn. Fortunately it was saved and restored to to excellent condition with its original livery.

Ford Model 8 aka Ford 7Y pickup

In slightly less pristine condition was this Ford 8 from 1938. Again this has been doing farm work since the 1960's. The Ford 8 was technically known as the Ford 7Y and was a British made car developed from the Ford model Y (see vintage page) with a slightly bigger body.

Ford E83W van

This Ford E83W van was one of 188577 such vehicles produced between 1938 and 1957 and this one is from the end of that reign. Featuring a 1172cc straight 4 engine rated for tax at 10HP this Dagenham built Ford was popular as a general purpose delivery van with 120 cubic feet of load assuming you didn't fit the optional passenger seat.

1953 Seddon flat back lorry

This Seddon Mk 5L lorry was built in 1953 and operated in the Bradford area. These Seddon trucks with a Perkins diesel engine were built in Lancashire first at Salford then later Oldham. In 1970 the company bought took over Atkinson's of Preston and manufactured under the combined brand by 1974 eventually being bought out themselves by a succession of other companies until becoming part of Iveco.

c-scammell.jpg (75448 bytes)

With today's prices it might be a little expensive to fill this tank. This Scammel Highwayman was also built in 1953 and was part of Pickfords tanker fleet. It has been fully restored by the local owner. Scammel had been building articulated lorries since 1921 and pioneered the frameless fuel tanker the same decade.


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